Pre-school Dress Love


I used the popular Every Which Way Dress from Duchess and Hare to make my daughter a few dresses awhile back. I’m so happy I am finally remembering to share them!

I made the dress with a collar and a vintage length and I adore the result. The way the dark chambray mixes with this gorgeous floral makes the pattern sing.

My miss has grown a full inch over the summer though so I decided to make an extra long skirt for her second one and wanted lots of twirling fullness so added to the width as well.


Both versions are totally twirl-worthy!

The main fabric on both dresses is quilting cotton. I love using quilting cotton because it is so widely available locally and there are tons of adorable prints and is often at a lower price point. I rarely iron either, I find that simply hanging the dress and hand pressing out the wrinkles while wet mostly does the trick. Phew, this mom doesn’t have time to iron everyday wear.


These two dresses are worn for school, play, painting, for life. I imagine they would constitute as church or other dress up wear for other little ladies but She lives for pretty dresses so why not enjoy them daily? I imagine this pattern would be super spectacular in special occasion fabrics too!

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