Seamstress to the Princess

My 3 (nearly 4!) year-old daughter Violet is a total fashionista. I recently browsed Sis Boom dress patterns to find something that she would enjoy to wear for the holidays. She loves feminine details and full skirts. I picked out a few that fit the bill, and showed them to her one evening. She told me she wanted “all them” (my kind of pattern shopper!), but confidently settled on the Gabriella Fae. I suspect this twirling image helped seal the deal. Gabriella Fae – here we come! 

Part of being the world’s greatest dress hound includes having fine taste in textiles. As a fabric connoisseur, Violet has a very definitive preference in color (pink and sparkly being at the top) and texture (soft!!! Must be comparable in softness to her favorite lamb blanket). While my mini mistress put her eye on several suitably pink fabrics during our shopping expedition, it was a white fabric with silver metallic through it that won her over. 

The pattern itself was pretty easy to work once I read through and had a feeling for all the options (this pattern is pretty loaded!). The Gabriella Fae comes with options for a flat or gathered front and back bodice. That part of the garment is also lined. So, if you select a gathered overlay piece, you also need a flat piece for the lining. Violet chose a gathered front (requiring the gathered front overlay piece and a flat front for my lining) and a flat back (simply two mirrored images of the flat back, one pair for the outer layer and one for the lining).

I blogged about this before, but Violet is quite a peanut for her height. This can make blending sizes quite the ordeal, depending on each designer’s block. I picked a starting size per the instructions and then used their handy images and suggestions to determine how to cut the sleeve and skirt lengths. Wanna hear a spectacular secret? THIS IS THE MUSLIN! 

Whoa, no way, right? It fits just as we envisioned. The sleeves are a touch long but that is 100% user miscalculation and an easy fix on the next round. I love how the lined bodice turned out and adding the zip was super duper simple.

I actually cut and sewed most of the bodice one evening later into the night. A sewing friend across the world messaged me, asking “Becky, what are you doing up so late?”.

Well, sewing beautiful things is entirely addicting! Some of my most relaxing moments in the past year have been when I get to forget about the day to day worries and just sew a dependable pattern while listening to podcasts. Do you feel the mom zen jumping through the screen at you? 

Plus, who needs sleep when there are gorgeous dresses  to be sew?

Check out the dramatic puff on these gathered sleeves. When she sees the final garment, Violet (correctly) shrills, “that is a princess dress!”

I’m absolutely in love with how delicate cuff brings it all together. This looks complicated but is a rather simple finishing technique, easily explained in the instructions. 

I’ve only been a part of the Sis Boom Pattern CO group on Facebook for the past two or so years but I really like the community over there. It is super friendly and has a real spirit of helping out the fellow seamstress. There was a fun thread recently where seamstresses listed people for whom they were trying to sew a gift and group members provided suggestions. 

I was recently looking through the Sis Boom website and came across this in the about section. How perfect for one twin sister to have created a pattern to be worn by another twin sister. 

The Sis Boom Collection, its name adopted from her childhood nickname given to her by her twin brother, defies easy categorization. With unusual artistry and a love of texture and a blend of vivid colors, Jennifer uses tag sales, flea markets and European sources as a starting point to create her art.

And she’s off!

I received this pattern in exchange for my review. My words are completely my own.

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