#Comfytown Nightgown

If we’re at home, my daughter is pretty much in a nightgown (see this post). Pajamas with pants? No way! Nightgowns only. But it is really quite adorable. Plus, I totally get it: I’m an adult and I pretty much live in knit dress or leggings and comfy cardigans.

When I heard the theme for Rebecca Page’s blog tour would be Comfy Town, I thought of my new pippa pants and Cora cardigan and wanted to give my daughter that same feeling of warmth and coziness, but with a girly nightgown sort of spin. 

I used the Paris Party Dress add-on pattern as my starting point. The Paris Party Dress is a FREE pattern Rebecca created for ladies to sew up fabulous outfits for the winter holidays in 2016. Check out her other FREE holiday patterns: Pretty Party Dress (2015) and Portia (2017). Back to the Paris. It is a fitted knit top and woven pleated skirt. For even more options, folks can purchase the add-on pattern and it is absolutely epic.

One option in the add-on includes a slimmer bodice used for creating the skirt and top as a one-piece dress. I also used the puffed sleeves from the add-on pattern because they feel so pretty and girly. I hacked the front and back bodice a few inches below the armpit, then assembled the sleeves and neckband as described in the pattern. 

Next, I used my serger to gather a massive rectangle. Sergers have two sets of feed dogs and your differential controls how fast they are moving in relation to one another. Normally, I have mine set at 1 which means they’re moving at the same speed. For gathering, I play around a bit on a scrap until I get a result I like. Typically, I’m moving my differential up (to “2” I think), and increasing the tension on my right needle to 7, and my left needle to 9 (both these are normally around 4 on my particular machine).

Side note: Interestingly, even two of the same model sergers can require different looper and needle thread tensions when doing the same task with the same fabric because all machines are unique.

Once the fabric was pretty close to the size of the bodice, I finished serging and put my settings back on my machine (something I’ve forgotten to do before!). I straightened out the ruffles in a few places so it looked more uniform. Then, I quickly ran over the ruffled side with my sewing machine using a simple straight stitch to lock them in place. I’ve had issues in the past with the serger unruffling my work when I attach to another piece so it is mostly a quick precaution.

Then, I sewed together the two “short” ends of the former rectangle to create a skirt with a back middle seam. I attached the bodice and skirt, and hemmed to the model’s preference. Super duper easy!

I’m already envisioning more quick nightgown hacks like this. Adding a ruffle to the bottom of the skirt, some sweet embroidery or a ruffles around the bodice. The sky is the limit when you have a terrific base like the Paris Party Dress!

Please visit all the stops on the Rebecca Page Comfy Town Blog Tour. Don’t forget to comment on the blogs each day and enter the giveaway posts in our Facebook group or a chance to win some prizes from Rebecca Page.

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Of course, brother LOVED the props we used and requested a picture as well. These are NOT mommy made PJs (though I would love to see more of Rebecca’s take on little dude wear!). 

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28 thoughts on “#Comfytown Nightgown

  1. Both adorable and the nightgown is fabulous – my granddaughter is also a nightgown kind of girl – pjs with pants only for camping holidays. going to give this one a try.x

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