Taking Carita to Work

I have a terrible secret: I have never sewn joggers! I’ve never worn a RTW pair and didn’t know if they would suit my curves or not.

When New Horizons released the Carita Joggers, I couldn’t stop noticing how great they looked on all the testers in every size. And, the kicker: the fit was terrific, no strange crotches. I was all in!

I read through the pattern a little more carefully than normal because this was my first pair of pants from New Horizons and I wanted to make my muslin as wearable as possible. Check out what I came up with:

DEFINITELY WEARABLE! These were so spot on, I couldn’t stand myself. It is such a thrill to sew something without a zillion billion adjustments. Yeah, they’re *just* joggers, but my crotch and butt really look as they are intended! These are a lovely drapey soft rayon French terry.

I’m only 5ft 3 so I typically need to take out several inches depending on the pattern and the designer’s block. For the Carita, New Horizons makes this uber easy peasy. The pattern comes with 3 (!) different inseam lengths: 29″, 31″, and 33″. I ended up using the 29″, adjusting a little more for my 27″, graded at the calf based on the measurements chart. It was so quick! And I love that New Horizons comes with an A0 file so even as my body fluctuates, I will easily be able to trace out new lines.

I saw another seamstress extend the legs and forgo the bottom bands and they turned out as perfect skinny pants! I desperately needed to try this hack! I added in the neighborhood of 4 inches. I adore the wide band on the belly too.

I decided the pockets would look more formal if I didn’t topstitch them. So, I left out the binding piece and cut and sewed pocket pieces as if I were making a pair of blue jeans. It came out rather heavier feeling than I anticipated so I’d forgo this part of the hack in the future. I rarely use pockets in pants and often wear longer tops and tunics so its far from a deal breaker. 

For this pair, I used a bright ponte fabric. I’ve had this in my stash for at least a year and it is the perfect way to cheer up these fall days. I’m pairing it with my favorite Vermont cardigan too.

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