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45268996_10214479027864165_8884607822822637568_oWelcome to my stop on the Sewing by Ti‘s November Blog Tour: Sew Thankful.

This month’s theme Sew Thankful can be interpreted in MANY ways. I decided it was a great opportunity to finish up a Christmas gift I started years ago.

I was at a celebration around Thanksgiving time and the host had these super simplistic felt coasters. They were literally two circular pieces of felt with one orange seam down the middle keeping the two layers together. It was very minimalistic/useful and struck a tone.

I went to a local quilt shop and bought some wool felt. I’d definitely steer folks away from the poly blend craft stuff. It isn’t as thick and if condensation is going to get on it daily, you want something a little sturdier. I cut the felt into 4×4 inch squares. I would use two squares per coaster, so eight squares for 4 coasters. I tried out several designs. The result was pretty horrific for such a simple project. Crooked lines and noticeable backstitching made me put it away for a while. Missed that Christmas. (And probably a few others!)



Then, I had the idea to use the Fray Stop glue I use for buttonholes. I didn’t even bother getting a picture of that travesty. Back into the UFO pile again!


I recently upgraded to the Babylock Verve. It is considered an entry-level sewing machine for the brand but it is the holy Mecca of Machines to me. Off to the dealer classes I went!

I learned all the jazzy features of this new machine and its zillions of stitches. I have stitches that lock the seam by backstitching three times (first picture below) but I also have stitches that perform a similar locking function by repeating the up/down in place (second picture below). This is particularly helpful when the stitch line is visible (like coasters) and not a project like garments that rely on the strength of the backstitch lock.



When I learned about this, I immediately thought, “wow, that would solve the one issues I have with the backstitching lock.” I tried the lock in place stitch and was happy enough with the outcome. I decided to get a little crazy and use some of the fun stitches. Everything still isn’t as straight as I’d like them to be but it is one of those gifts that isn’t meant to be perfection. It is fun, hang out type sewing. I listened to a podcast as I constructed these, enjoying the moment and making each seam with a relaxed sort of love soaked in good vibes.

If you’re in my family and reading this, massive apologies, your Christmas gift is no longer a surprise.


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