Along Came Polly (the Playsuit/Shortsuit)


I recently helped Diorella, the designer behind Bebekins, to test the much-anticipated add-on to the ever popular Polly Pinafore – the Polly Playsuit (sizes 000-3), and the Polly Shortsuit and Pantsuit (sizes 1-10). The entire time, I was thinking of my only Polly reference, the popular movie Along Came Polly which Jennifer Aniston plays an absolute free-spirit and hilarious Polly.

Anyways, my daughter is 3 but a peanut for her age so fell into the baby size 00 width and size 3 height. I blended the pattern pieces using the method reference in this post. The fit was perfection straight away, no revisions/additional personal fit adjustments required. Diorella is a complete magician with her drafting.


Seamstresses have several options for making the new Baby Polly Sunsui pattern. You can sew the bodice with:

  • The sunsuit bottom only
  • The sunsuit bottom with a skirt overlay
  • The skirt only


As my daughter refuses to wear anything that resembles pants, I selected the skirt only version. Gathering is one of the things I typically hate while doing and love once it is complete, but this time, it felt really meditative. I turned on my podcasts and knocked out the entire dress in one morning.


My daughter was a little apprehensive about the coverage at first b/c she’s used to a full bodice but it is more than appropriate. Once she wore it to school and got many compliments, she only wants to wear it more now!


I adore the sweet ruffles and the gorgeous waistband (with really terrific construction method!). Polly is a hit now and will be as she continues to grow! You can even get the bundled Polly with the baby sizes and bigger girl sizes for the dress, sunsuit, and shortsuit/pantsuit.

Can’t wait to see what Bebekins does next!

***I received this pattern in exchange for helping during the testing/promotion process.
My thoughts are entirely my own.***

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