Cools Cats (and Dogs)


We recently had the good fortune of dog sitting the sweetest Yorkie Maltese. As an only parent to 3yo twins, we most definitely do not have any pets. (It is sometimes enough to keep my sweet “pets” fed and clean.) So, waking up to their furry friend’s licks and snuggles was extra special for my kiddos. Lucky for my daughter, I had the perfect outfit in mind to impress her and her renewed love of anything dog related.


I used the recently updated Mya pattern from Made for Mermaids. The update included this really cool cowl option, among others. I’ve been quite enamored with curved hems recently and the tunic version was the perfect length to showcase the largest part of this really cool Stenzo Dogs and Cats panel from Mabel Madison. I had the most perfect Stenzo dot coordinate too that I used for the cowl, arms, and leggings. I used another Stenzo fabric for this dress. It is definitely one of the softest CL fabrics I’ve ever used and she adores wearing them.

The leggings are the FREE Halla Leggings. These are particularly fantastic for my kiddo because I think they run slimmer than many other legging patterns and have a terrific inseam ruler so I got the right length the first time I sewed them up. I love the smaller cat and dog images on the panel and they are seriously perfect as knee embellishments. The back is my favorite! If I had to do this again, I would switch the front and back knees but I’m in love with the final result.


I simply measured the inseam to the knee as well as the size of the space I would need for the dogs and cats. I added seam allowance to all three pieces and I was ready to rock and roll.

Here’s a picture of Bella the dog, the inspiration for this outfit.

Bella the Dog getting her Snuggle On
Bella the Dog getting her Snuggle On


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