A Summer of DBP


I love how double brushed poly (DBP) has hit the sewing scene so hard. When I got back into sewing about two years ago, it was difficult to find and everyone was wondering “what is that stuff?”.

DBP is the butter of the fabric world. It is seriously magic: it has incredible drape, is fairly stable, super soft, and holds its color nicely in the wash. The only downfall is that I tend to run hot so it can involve some planning before I order it. I love it for everything in the winter but try to stick to it for bottoms for myself (leggings and skirts and shorts) for the summer months. My daughter runs cold so she would be draped in DBP every single day if she could.

It is currently summer where I live, so I decided to use these amazing Floral Dots from Sly Fox Fabrics to sew myself a skirt, a dress for my daughter, and a tunic for her dolly.

Twirly Skirt Ahead

The Sahara dress from Bella Sunshine Designs is one of the first patterns I ever made multiples. A fitted bodice and flowy skirt is my favorite silhouette for myself. I first blogged about the Sahara here when I tested it. I’ve made quite a few, some of which are posted on my instagram. This time, I opted for just the skirt part of the pattern and added the waistband I use for the BSD Eden leggings. FYI- the Eden leggings are free for all members of their Facebook group.


It was such a fast sew, especially because I already had the two pattern pieces cut out. I think it took me longer to hem the circle skirt than to cut and sew! I’ve recently learned this trick where you put in a basting stitch where you’re going to fold the skirt for the hem and it helps by gathering it just a touch so you get a super professional and even finish. Did I mention its quite twirly?


Dolman Heaven

I recently tested and fell in love with the revamped ladies version of the Dublin Dolman from New Horizons. Options galore and fantastic fit so I knew I *HAD* to try the girls version of the Dublin Dolman. It has a tunic option with curved hem and slightly gathered bottom bodice portion. I was in love. I added a little length to the body of the bottom bodice piece to create a skirt. I love the looser more casual feel around the waist but sister prefers more drama with a tighter waist so I crafted a little belt using the rolled selvage ends of the fabric to create a fun little poof.


How did I not realize there was a dolly version of Dublin that is at the end of the girls’ pattern? I may have shrieked a little in anticipation – – – – sister had a similar reaction when she saw dolly dressed. The neck and arm cuffs are a bit fiddly but way worth the joy they bring! The tunic sewed up even faster than the dress!!! Such a great pattern, I can see myself using it again as a gift for the kids’ friends.

Ice Cream for Sale!

While we were doing the photoshoot, the other twin was rolling around in this ice cream truck. When we were done, he invited sister and dolly to squeeze in with him. I’m seriously dying at the cuteness and have to share:


Happy Kids = Happy Mama = Mama jumping for joy


I received the floral dot fabric for free in exchange for sewing and photographing it.
My opinions are entirely my own. This post also contains various affiliate links.
These links do not cost my readers more, but they do provide me with a small commission from any sales that helps to fund my sewing passion and is greatly appreciated.

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