A Mash Made in Heaven


I recently helped test the Sophia tank from Bella Sunshine Designs. I blogged about the ladies and girls patterns here. I really love the shape around the hips but was craving some set in sleeves, like with BSD Maggie pattern (blogged about that pattern here). Talk about a MASH MEANT TO BE!

I mean, it made Miss 3 jump for joy….


For this garment, I used the Maggie pattern with long sleeves from the chest up and blended it into the Sophia pattern from the chest down. I chose to use the Sophia top length and it looks super cute with these RTW denim shorts and will look lovely with the pair of pink Edens I have cut as well.

Like the Maggie and Sophia patterns, this Miss Maggie Sophia Mash comes together quickly. I really like this stiffer cotton based french terry from Mabel Madison too. The Sophia looks fabulous in drapey fabrics like rayon spandex and ITY but I love how the skirt part of the top stands a bit out on its own. I think I would stick to fabrics with more drape for a ladies version of this mash this.


For the pink neckband and sleeves, I used some of the awesome solid double brushed polyester First Cuts I received from Knitpop recently. I made this mash using a binding neckband where you just apply it from the inside, flip, and topstitch.


***I received both these final patterns in return for my time and
contributions during testing, but my opinions are fully my own.
This blog post contains affiliate links for which I receive a small commission on any sales.
This helps support my growing fabric collection and is much appreciated.***

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