Creating and (Possibly) Executing Sewing Goals

I want to always associate sewing with the feeling of joy I get when I make something beautiful or solve a tough problem. It has been this fun little (rather, not so little) thing in my life that serves as a creative outlet. Garment sewing feels purposeful because I’m constructing garments and accessories that enhance my family’s lifestyle.

Garment sewing was once largely formal dresses. I love a good party dress but I’ve really enjoyed the passion our community has for everyday wear too. I feel this native-like urge to sew EVERYTHING and increasingly find myself frustrated with limitations (largely, time).  There are so many opportunities to sew when I might have bought rtw in the past. I’m awestruck with by the vast number of fabulous patterns and yards of fabric (let’s be real, the gobs of fabric!), but want this to be a functional collection. I keep asking:

How do you stay focused and reap the greatest benefits from your limited time?

A lot of smarter people than myself have already traveled the same road and came up with methods that work for them. I really like the capsule wardrobe approach over at Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along and appreciate the wardrobe planning tools from Mallory and Zede over at the Self Sewn Wardrobe. Both groups also focus heavily on fit, something that strongly influences how much I will wear a garment, and, equally important, how much satisfaction I get from having spent the time to sew it.

So, taking bits and pieces from my sewing friends in the vast interwebs, I’ve nailed down three specific goals and am on a journey to determine whether they are practical and/or achievable.


Goal 1: Have tried and true patterns that I can whip up when I need to fill a wardrobe hole or self-confidence boost on fitting:

Right now, I’m looking at my own wardrobe, I’m only making mental notes for my kids at this point in time because they’re just so dang easy to fit. My tried and true collection should include:

  • Knit dress with options
  • Woven dress with options
  • Layering tank
  • Loose tank
  • Cardigan
  • Dolman top
  • Top with set-in sleeves
  • Leggings
  • Pants

Goal 2: Create lists of items I would like to sew so I can balance/prioritize more effectively

  • Things for necessity, whether because my family needs the garment or because I’ve agreed to a deadline
  • Things for fun
  • Things I need to mend/alter

Goal 3: Document my work better to stay focused/work through roadblocks

• Sketch, write, or pin inspiration. This can be concerning things like silhouettes, color-blocking, fabric combos, possible hacks, mashes, etc.
• Photograph more of the journey. This should include things like fabric selection, construction, etc.
• Get modeled pics of every garment, even if they’re not styled and/or in front of the trash bin
• Blog the journey!

These goals are meant to be a jumping off point to being more present with my decisions concerning sewing and serve as an aid to more deeply explore my personal tastes and interests.

I’m not sure anyone reads my blog (hi to my dozen or so followers!), or, if they read them and aren’t part of my blogging gangs or blood relatives (hi mom!), but I love having a place to record my journey and would be honored if any readers felt like jumping in when the mood suits. You’re also always welcome to email me to shoot the proverbial shit. I could chat sewing all day long.

***No affiliate disclosure statement today.***

(The only thing I’m promoting here is my own sanity)

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