Sinclair Demi Raglan


Raglans Raglans Everywhere

There are millions upon millions of raglan patterns out there. They are one of those basics that every designer has, like a circle skirt or tank. Does the world really need one more? Yes. Yes, it does!

The Demi Raglan, designed by Oxana Sinclair of Sinclair Patterns, has the secret sauce of original design, great drafting, superb instructions, and excellent ideas for hacking/elevating the pattern.

I especially love the more feminine cut on the sleeve. I feel more burly football player than delicate flower in most raglans, but is not the case for the Demi. In Demi, I feel fabulous.


I like how fast Oxana makes the steps before you actually sit down at the machine. There were two main things that increased my speed to getting to the machine:

1. No trim assembly method

No trim pattern assembly is nothing new in the PDF world. I’ve tried a lot of different types of no trim patterns but Sinclair has the most accurate method to date. My printer often prints a bit crooked so it struggles with no trim pages from some other designers. Even with this “fun” printer, Sinclair’s method provides enough space and reference points to achieve a trued up result.

2. Not needing to adjust for height

As with most Sinclair patterns, the Demi is designed for three heights: 5″1-5″3 (petite), 5″4-5’6 (regular), and 5″7-5″9 (tall). When you purchase Demi, you automatically have access to all three sizes and simply select the proper pattern to download. I am 5″3 and found the petite spot on for both my sleeves and hem length. Making a height adjustment only takes about 5 minutes but that can add up over time. I’m the type of person who can’t wait to push the pedal down so this sizing method is a huge mental victory.


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Join the Sinclair Patterns Group on Facebook for details about upcoming releases, sales, and to hang out with some pretty rad seamstresses.

Want the fellas in your life to bask in Sinclair raglan bliss? Check out the Tao, its a raglan for men.

Still not sure whether Sinclair is for you? Kick the tires with the Sienna pattern first. It is free with code (in FB group).

***I received this pattern in exchange for helping during testing. My thoughts are my own. This review contains affiliate links for which I receive a small commission on any sales. This helps support my ridiculous fabric collection and is much appreciated.***

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