Circle Cardie from Rebecca Page


I recently sewed up the new Circle Cardie from Rebecca Page. It comes in multiple lengths with several finishing options such as the banded, ruffled, or the simple hem that I chose. Like all Rebecca’s patterns, this will fit all the women in your life, ladies from XXS to 5XL, children from birth to 12yo, and 18-inch dolls. Or, if you just want them all – – – there is a bundle 🙂

My daughter is currently obsessed with wearing dresses all year round so we were needing more cardigans. This was perfect timing! This cardigan is such a versatile piece. She was wearing it with a dress yesterday but wore it more casually here, paired with the Cerena top and a pair of leggings. I adore the drape on this beautiful piece.

I really like this pattern, I’ve seen some circle cardie type patterns floating around and have tried a few but this is my favorite, mostly because of the amazing drape and the set in sleeves. The construction sequence itself is a work of art as there are no standard waist seams. Instead, the sewist is constructing the armholes by seaming together the shoulder with a rounded piece and then stitching the collar.


I was a little worried about tackling the collar because I made a dress about a year ago with a similar collar from another designer and found it burdensome and fiddly but the directions and pictures made this one come together like a dream.

Most of my sewing to date has been adding set in sleeves in the flat. The Circle Cardie pattern has you doing it in the round. I was also a little hesitant to try that but, again, there was a tip about how Rebecca normally turns the main garment inside out with the sleeve right side out and that did the trick on my first go.

The Circle Cardie is an all-around (dad joke anyone?) terrific pattern. It will be on sale through the end of the month (Feb 2018). So grab that and the recently released and FREE Ultimate Bunting Kit.

***As a Brand Ambassador, I received this pattern in exchange for sewing it up. This review contains affiliate links for which I receive a small commission on any sales. This helps support my growing fabric collection and is much appreciated.***

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