A Very Dreamy Drape


I’m over the moon with this outfit. The lovely drape on this yellow brushed hacci knit paired with Rebecca Page’s Dreamy Drape (bundle, ladies, girls, or dolly) is my mommy dream come true. And when Miss 3 saw it two days ago, the first thing she said was “Can I wear it on Christmas?” My mom heart just about bursts and I think, let’s try not to play too hard during this photoshoot. HA!

Also, did you know the entire shop is on sale to celebrate the release of the Portia Party Dress? 30% off until 2018!!!!


The Dreamy Drape is a dolman style batwing pattern with two necklines (high and scoop) and sleeves that can be short sleeve or long and two hem types (banded or “v”). Depending on what type of fabric you’re using and the look you’re going for, there is a Dreamy Drape waiting for you! Not sure if you’ve seen the recent pictures from Rebecca in Rebecca Page PDF Pattern Group on FaceBook but the Dreamy Drape is going to get a Dreamy Dress add-on in 2018!!!! WHAT?!?!?! Wow.



Miss 3 loves the feeling of dresses but the winter weather means she has to wear leggings underneath for warmth.  Add having recently conquered potty learning, it is just not worth the struggle/risk/epic mess. So, I was looking for something to make her feel warm and beautiful. The Dreamy Drape to the rescue!


I used this beautiful yellow hacci sweater knit and a solid mustard cotton lycra from Knitpop for the sleeves and neckband. It sews up super fast and is a terrific pattern for anyone wanting to break into knits or looking for a gorgeous result from a quick sew. Add on the free Made for Mermaids ear warmer and, bam, my princess is ready for the snow!

Can’t wait to see your Dreamy Drape!





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